Friday, July 18, 2008

Launched in London

We had a wonderful week in London, brining XSI 7 to the Soho post (and games!) community. So many of our amazing customers are all around the corner from each other, seperated by pubs, curry houses and sushi shops. Jellyfish, The Mill, Passion, Studio AKA, Fluid (and many more!) are all in this incredible area of London.

We had two events in London, one in the afternoon and one in the early evening. All in all, close to 150 people turned up to see Softimage|XSI 7 in action. Christoph Schinko did a great demo on advanced rigging and created an ICE effect live for the crowd - even taking suggestions on how to improve it from the audience. Right when we wrapped up London, the team in NYC went on stage. (Much hilarity ensured via SMS on the mixed up posters, so we had people from the MILL NY and Jordi from the Mill London each hold up the poster)

Thanks to everyone who turned up (and Lex for his very helpful registration support) - it was an honor for me to have helped to bring XSI 7 to you.

Two weeks home and the SIGGRAPH.

See you in Los Angeles!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the beer Jen!
And thanks to the soft crew for the launch event, very exciting stuff. Can't wait to start playing with ICE!