Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On the road again...

New year, new travels.. although being back in Seattle is a non-stop case of deja-vu. I have been here so many times for various Microsoft events and launch activities that we actually recoginized the Westin staff at the hotel this time around.

I have actually been home since November of last year, which was great, because i was fully focused on launching the new Education Programs. I was at a school in Seattle yesterday going over details of the program, and i don't know who gets more excited - teachers hearing about the free, learn at your own pace certification that comes with 40 hours of professional training, or students who hear about the free one year commercial license they receive if they graduate from a partner school. I can't wait to talk to the schools attending GDC next week about this - its going to be really great for the XSI community as a whole!

We also have more news coming soon on Professional Training.. i'll keep you posted.

So Seattle - it really is Microsoft town! Microsoft was holding an event for their WW field teams - 5 days of training and seminars for over 6000 staff. We were there for a Partner Summit, where Microsoft partners demo their wares to the attendees. Quite a few Microsoft employees were pretty happy to see us there, as they remembered when we were part of the family. I started telling people that the "soft" in Microsoft actually came from us. Just for fun. :)

Because I was with Mark, I got to pick something up at the Microsoft store. Mark can shop there because he is an alumni, so I know own "Scene It" and PGR4 for my Xbox 360.

We spent the next two days visiting clients and trying to plan last minute GDC technical details. Our brand new Dells - fully loaded with all the bells and whistles (I got to order them online - i have never ordered such powerful equipment - it was pretty cool to choose a 1TB hard drive) will be running the new ATI Fire GL 7600s which we have been testing all week.

So now I am off to Vancouver, I have client visits and education meetings lined for the next three days, and of course I get to see my friend Adam Sale, whose voice i know so well now, as I have listened to his instructor certification training material quite a bit in the last few months!

It's great to be back out on the road, but not that easy to snap back into it. I forgot how stressful it can be not having access to email and being able to get as many things accomplished from a hotel room. I just logged on at SEA-TAC and have over 100 new emails just from today that i need to look at and respond to. ack!

I am looking very forward to blogging at GDC - we don't have a booth this year, so hopefully I'll have more time to write about what's going on at the show.