Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Playing Guitar Hero 3 in Texas.. aka I love my job

I am in Dallas thsi week with Peter de Lappe and Jodi Vetterl, attending the Game Education Summit. I'll post more details on the conference tomorrow after I have had a chance to attend a few sessions, today was more about the exhibition hall for me.

Oh, and playing Guitar Hero 3. Which i LOVE.

Softimage has a kiosk at this event, and so does Dell University. Dell brought Guitar Hero 3 master player "Tipper Queen" to do some demos and play GH3 with the attendees. I played "Hit me with your best shot" with her. So fun. but WOW. I was on easy and she (of course) was on expert.

I have played Gh3 and Rockband with some pretty good players, but Tipper is absolutely amazing. I think she was playing right handed instead of her usual left, and she is killer. She played onstage during Bill Gates' CES keynotes with Slash.

Tipper, aka Kelly, is also studying game design, and peter doesn't know it yet, but he is going to be teaching her some XSI tips tomorrow during a session break.

Tipper Queen (L), Guitar Hero 3 player & game design student, rocking out with another conference attendee (who did impressively well on the hard setting!)