Thursday, November 8, 2007

SOFTIMAGE @ VIEW Conference--Torino, Italy

Hello from Kevin G. -- on the road in Torino, Italy @ VIEW Conference (Nov. 6-9, 2007)

Torino (Turin) is the industrial capitol of Italy (home of FIAT- check out the new Fiat 500 - cute classic, Italian answer to the Mini Cooper). Located about 75 miles west Milan, the VIEW Conference (previously The Virtuality Conference)- is generating a huge buzz for SOFTIMAGE.

The 4-day show is a host to mostly students and 3D design professionals entering the industry. Italy is world renowned for its design, and this is the place where students come to learn about the craft of 3D, animation, design visualization and all forms of visual technology and story telling.

The SOFTIMAGE booth was packed every day to capacity by students wishing to learn more about XSI, the art of 3D animation, and to watch in fascination the work of our customers in our SIGGRAPH Show Reel--and the show favorite, short animation, A Gentlemen's Duel (by Blur studios).

SOFTIMAGE is also offering Master Classes each day of the show, filled to capacity and led by Enea Le Fons, senior certified Softimage instructor. We've had outstanding special guest presentations from customers including:

Game developer PLASTOS (Luca Da Rios, President & CEO--Margarita & Kevin G.)

Visual effects and commercial post production houses- The Shift (Gianfranco Sgura and Emiliamo Colantoni-red background) and Xchanges post facilities (Marco Negri & Gianluca Pedrazzi - metalic background) also provided great presentations and demonstrations of how they successfully use XSI to win business and turn in excellent commercial works.

For the design industry attendees, we were very fortunate to have Massimo Giacon deliver an inspired and fun presentation of how he uses XSI to visualize and create many of the quirky and fun pieces for Alessi --an Italian industrial design and creation house.

Another great element of the VIEW Conference, is that it's really attracting world-class luminaries in the industry, including:
1) Glenn Entis--senior vice president at Electronic Arts
2) Joseph Olin--President, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (D.I.C.E Summit)
3) Pam Hogarth--Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Los Angeles
4) Peter Nofz--Digital Effects Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks (Spiderman movies)
5) PIXAR - Jessica McMackin- Technical Director Ratatouille
6) PIXAR - Alex Harvill - Technical Director 2D/3D effects on Ratatouille
7) PIXAR - Sharon Calahan - Director of Photography and Lighting -Ratatouille
8) PIXAR - Paul Topolos - Digital Matte Painter, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille
PDI Dreamworks - Lucia Modesto--Character Technical Director - all three Shrek films
10) James Clyne - Concept Artist- working with Ryan Church on the new Star Trek movie
... and the list goes on with many more guests.

And finally... The art dealer table was complete with many art books, making-of books, and the latest releases from Ballistic Publishing - and the new "Expose 4" art book