Thursday, July 10, 2008

Green Screen Fun in San Fran

What a week it's been since we announced XSI 7 to the world.

The on-line communities are buzzing with the news.., and are filled with comments and questions about our latest release.

Next week we'll be in London and New York city hosting two launch events on July 17th (7/17!) and at the same time we'll be in those markets we are also holding an On-Line Event so we can bring more details about XSI 7 and ICE to the rest of the world!

Right now, I am in San Francisco shooting the on-line launch at Pixel Corps, a Softimage Training Partner. We are shooting on green screen, which is always fun, and the talented team at Pixel Corps will cut and comp in a digital set.

I am here with Marc Stevens, Softimage GM and Mark Schoennagel, Softimage 3D Evangelist. Both Marc/k's are very dedicated to brining the message of XSI 7 to as many people as possible. The amazing thing with this shoot is how we were able to build the demos. Normally, when you create demos for beta software, it is key that they are created and rehearsed well in advance. Because of the stability and the flexibility of the ICE platform, we created the majority of our demos in the last few days.

Really. We spent a lot of time reading the posts and questions on over 1000 public forums, and worked with our new R&D material and test scenes and spent yesterday building over a dozen new demo scenes. I can't tell you how unheard of this is. Never ever have we deviated from our planned demo material to use brand new material.

You can even see Mark smiling before we got started. He told me later maybe he was sweating this, just a little bit. But the software came through with flying colors. yay ICE!

So we are about to close it up for the day, thanks to everyone involved for all their hard work.

It's a wrap - see you online next week!

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